Reminiscing and Relaxing

Today has been reeeelaxinggg! :)

I've been watching season three of Ghost Whisperer on Netflix all day. :)  I love this show.  After I'm through with it, I'm probably going to watch Charmed.  Blast from the past, that is.  It reminds me of middle school, when my friend Alecia and I used to talk in homeroom in the mornings after we had watched Charmed the night before on TV. lol   It was a weekly ritual.

Yesterday's visit with Orion went fairly well.  Ethan was jumpy the whole time.  Andrew and Grace liked him though.  They stayed back at the barn while I went out to catch Orion because I was the only one with boots.  At first, when I left the barn, I couldn't figure out where the heck he was...all of the other horses were right next to the barn - but not mine.  I scanned the field and didn't see him, so I started walking over to the creek.  It was the only place he could have been that I wouldn't be able to see him, and the other time I couldn't find him, that's where he was.  It was cool and dark under the trees, and as I got closer, sure enough, I could see his white blaze through the darkness.  

We spent about an hour and a half feeding and brushing him and changing his wraps.  I got one leg done without a hitch - kind of.  I did accidentally rip the vet wrap, but it didn't make that much of a difference.  When I was doing the second leg though, he kept picking up and moving it.  He had finished eating by that point, so he wasn't distracted anymore. lol  I guess he thought I wanted him to pick his foot up, since that's the area of his leg I was messing with.  Fail!  I got that one done too though, so all is well.

I did lunge him for a few minutes like I wanted to.  Not for long though because everyone was impatient to get food and get home by that point.  Their mom wanted them home before dark.  I think I'm still getting the hang of the whole lunging thing.  I'm definitely going to work on it a little bit each time I'm out there though.  Along with regular walks, too, of course, but I want to get good at lunging.  Oh well. I'll work on it more another day.  Both times I've done it with him though, he's seemed to be more in tune with me.  That makes me excited.

I go back to work tomorrow morning.  I'm ready to go to just weekends now.  Sooo ready.  It's been nice having a few days off.  And the fact that I'm just going to be working weekends means that I'm going back to school, which I am also excited about!  I'm getting bored.  I need more of a schedule.  

I've pretty much decided that my schedule for next semester is going to be wayyy lighter.  I'm going to be retaking Organic Chem II, so I'm only going to take that one science and load up on liberal arts and maybe more math.  We'll see.  But if I'm retaking organic, there's no way I'm distracting myself with another science course this time.  I have to get a good grade in that class this time around.  

I started reading a Pat Parelli book today that I bought.  Natural Horse-Man-Ship.  I don't know what I think of it yet.  It seems to make sense so far - I'm only through the first couple of pages.  I like the ideas.  But I do agree with some stuff I've heard a few other people say.  He's too showy.  I'm going to read the book so I can benefit from anything I might learn from it, but what I really want to read now is some Monty Roberts stuff.  He's the one who came up with join-up (see previous blogs).  He studied the mustangs and figured out how they interact with each other.  That's how he came up with join-up.  

For now though, I'm reading Pat Parelli and watching Ghost Whisperer. :)  It's been a good day.

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