New Beginnings, New Friends

Well, it's been a little longer than usual since I wrote, but here goes.

I'll work backward from today.

First Day of Junior Year Classes

Cell Biology and Genetics were easy - we went over the syllabus in each, and that was it.  Trig was easy too.  Beginner stuff; I'm fully anticipating it getting harder.   Nineteen homework problems, and they're already finished.  I had my woodwind ensemble audition at 3:20, and it was pretty simple as well.  I worked myself into a tizzy for nothing - I mean, yeah, my flute is kinda crappy for the level I am able to play at now (not to say I'm amazing - I'm not, but I've the same flute since 5th grade.  It's taken me as far as it can.  I need a better one if I'm going to get better.), and that worried me.  But it went far better than I imagined it would.   I didn't have to do everything I had prepared for.  It was great. lol

It's my first year not living with Vanessa and Ashley and Rachel.  I was pretty nervous before I moved in.  I miss them, but I think I'm going to be lucky again this year.  Sara, Claire, and Jessie are all awesome, and I love them already.  

Hanging Out With Some Awesome People

I'm excited for this year.  My cousin, Trahern, is going here.  He's already come over to hang out a few times.  It's really nice to have someone else I know from before school here.  

One of my other cousins, Ben, hung out with us yesterday.  We met him up at Elkins and I introduced he, Vanessa, Ashley, and Trahern to Orion.  After that, we ate dinner at Taco Bell.  I tried their hot sauce for the first time - random, I know - and oh my gosh, it's awesome.  We headed back to the dorm after that and watched Paranormal Activity while Trahern fixed my and Vanessa's computers.  Finally! I've been waiting forever to get mine fixed.  Just need a new battery, and I'll be all set.

Dorm Room :)

I love my new room.  Soooo much.  I've got the same color scheme as the last two years - blue, green, and pink.  My nana is getting me a new bed set, but it's in the same colors as the rest of the room.  It's completely different from my room at home, which is much  more neutral...white and sage green, mostly.  My room here is different, but I like it just as much.  It's more lively.

Orion Update

When we went to see Orion yesterday, he was favoring his left front pretty badly.  I don't know if it's his tendon injury, or if he just got kicked or stepped in a hole.  He didn't mind me handling the leg and picked it up for me and everything, but he was limping worse than I've seen him do since I got him.  

On a happier note: He came to me when I went out to catch him.  Not far, but he started.  I whistled to him as I walked the last twenty feet or so, and he turned and started to walk to me.  First time for that!  Normally he just looks up and sees me, then goes back to grazing and ignores me until I get there.  This time was different. :)  He also didn't leave or try to walk away when he went back into the field.  Of course, I can't really count that and feel good about it, since his leg was hurting and he probably didn't want to move as much as usual.....  But it was still nice, regardless.  I'm used to him just kinda being like "Finally, I'm free of this girl who makes me stand still forever and makes me actually exercise.." Ha.  I imagine him thinking something like this in his horsey mind as he ambles away in search of a nicer patch of grass far from me. lol  

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