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You bond easily with other people. You have close and meaningful relationships.

You would do anything for the people you care about. Thinking about them keeps you going.

Your still waters run deep. There is a lot more to you than meets the eye.

You think about how your actions effect others. You act deliberately.
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So, I thought I would do something I haven't done for a few years, and I took one of those little "quiz" things off of blogthings.com.  Turned out fairly accurate. lol

I've had a pretty lazy day.  Yesterday was my busy, exhausting, fun, jumping-around-and-spending-time-with-friends day.  Today I've pretty much just washed dishes, worked on homework, and played games on my Wii.  It's been nice, albeit a little bit lonely.

Yesterday I worked 10:30-2 (after working 5-11:30 the night before) at Smokey Ray's.  Vee picked me up, and we went to the store(s) to pick up some stuff for our rooms.  I got some Epsom salt at Family Dollar to soak Orion's foot in, since it looks like he may have bruised it.  Poor guy was limping pretty bad last week and hasn't seemed to get any better, so Tracy is going out to look at him on Tuesday if all goes according to plan.  But anyway, Epsom salt....I wasn't even looking for it because it didn't occur to me to look for something for my horse in a dollar store...or that Epsom salt is Epsom salt, no matter where you get it from, so yeah, they would have it there.  Vee and I just happened to be walking down an aisle that had food on one side (which is what we were looking at) and toiletries on the other (why it was set up this way is beyond me).  I looked down, and voila!  There was what I needed.  Life's funny like that sometimes. :)  

After getting our groceries, we went back to school, and Vee came over to my room a while later.  We played Wii (Sports Resort, DDR, and Just Dance) and were joined a few times by my suite mate, Sara.  Sara and I are the only ones in our suite this weekend. Claire and Jessie went to visit people.  I did my laundry during this time too.  Overall, it was fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating.  I always feel better about myself when I'm up and moving.

That being said, I had a pretty good day today too.  Got a few more things done - aka trig homework, the rest of my dishes (they were back in the crawl space behind my room over the summer - eww!), watched a movie, got a little of my honors reading done, and worked toward dancing my butt off a little more. :)  My DDR, along with YouTube videos of Just Dance, Dance Central, and Zumba Fitness, are my best friends right now.  I'm planning on getting Zumba Fitness for my Wii in the next couple weeks, maybe.  I want to see how much money I make before then so that I know if it will be worth it to buy it or not.  I can always keep using YouTube.

The fact is, I haven't been happy with my body for a while now.  I know I'm not overweight; I'm just not as fit as I'd like to be.  I've definitely gained almost twenty pounds since coming to college.  I'm never as active as I should be.  The fact that I feel better when I am just fuels this need to exercise more.  If I've been moving around, I'm more awake and focused.  It helps a lot.  So, that's a goal for this year - not necessarily to reach a certain weight, even though I have one in mind I'd be happy with - but just to get in better shape in general so that I feel better from day to day.

So, all in all, it's been a pretty awesome weekend.  The good has definitely negated anything bad.  :)

I feel like this school year is off to a good start.

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