It's A Wrap!

Good news!

Dr. Walker came out to check on Orion yesterday to determine the cause of his limp, and all he has is an abscess.  He stepped on a sharp rock or something, and now the abscess from it is working it's way up through his hoof to come out at the coronet band.  We have to keep a wet pad over the swollen area where the abscess is trying to come out to help draw it out faster.  He will be fine though; it's something fairly simple.

In other good news, Orion doesn't have to wear his leg wraps anymore!! :D  Tracy (Dr. Walker) said that if he does well over the next few days without them and doesn't start gimping around again, he can go without them for good!  I can tell he definitely approves lol.  He was so much happier yesterday when he was moving around normally again.  Hardly any limp; he was walking great compared to last week.  Last week's limp was due more to the pain from the abscess working it's way up than to his tendons.  He's on a dose of bute once a day now for the pain from the abscess and to get rid of the last little bit of swelling in his legs.  The swelling has gone down greatly in the past few weeks.  It wasn't that bad when I got him, but since then, it's gone down even more.  The bute will help get ride of the rest of it.  

I lunged him for about ten minutes yesterday.  He did well with that too; moved well and everything.  He was a little stiff at first, but it didn't take him long to loosen up and move normally.  The only thing that distracted him was when Karen led Star into the paddock.  We were in the field, and suddenly he started paying attention to the mare instead of me.  The boy in him was suddenly going "Agh! Girl!"...even though said girl beats the crap out of him when he gets to close to her or one of her buddies in the field.  lol

All in all, it was a good day, good visit, good news.

After the visit, my cousin and some friends and I went to the Barbour County Fair.

aka "The Round Up"

One of my favorites.

Ashley, Claire, and I :)

Ashley and Claire

Ben and I

So yeah, it was a pretty awesome day!

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