And a Good Weekend Will Ensue...

Orion got his feet trimmed today!

And tomorrow I will hopefully be going out to spoil him  and soak his feet and legs in the creek.  I haven't been able to get out there since Labor Day; I was telling Chelsea today that I'm half afraid he won't remember me.  Blah.  Gotta get my license so that I can get out there more.  Maybe it will happen by the end of the year - though that is probably wishful thinking.  

For the moment, I am caught up on schoolwork, all except for one assignment, which I may embark upon when I'm done with this blog.  We're all about reading Flannery O'Connor in my honors course right now.  I have to say, I like her....but some of her stories are messed up.  Someone always seems to die in some horrifically violent way, or maybe they don't die, but something equally violent and "WTF???"-thought-inducing always happens.  

For example, the next to last one that I read was "A Good Man Is Hard To Find," in which an entire family was murdered at the side of the road by a serial killer after having a car accident.  The one that I had to read for yesterday's class ended with a seven- or eight-year-old boy hanging himself.  

They're all very thought-provoking, but disturbing.  In one of them, "Good Country People," a one-legged thirty-something-year-old woman who still lived with her mother went out to a barn with a man she didn't know with the intentions of seducing him.  Once they were in the loft where she couldn't get down, he turned from being this backward, somewhat stupid and ignorant "country boy" to being a total creep - he stole her wooden leg and left.  End story here. That was it.  

I'm amazed at every new O'Connor story that I read.  Throughout the whole of "Good Country People" I was screaming in my head "Are you crazy??!" as she started to cross the field with a man she had just met, at 10:00 at night. Seriously?? How stupid can you get? *reins self in*  I just have to keep telling myself that it's just a story. lol

So anyway...

No new news (<--haha) on my project so far.  I'm still set on the same autistic children/horses/therapy idea, but I've been busy with other things lately.  It's not at that "gotta get this done right now" stage yet.  The project probably won't occur until summer, and right now we're still learning about which faculty members would be best suited to our projects in my research methods class.  Prof is having different teachers and professors come in for each of our weekly Friday meetings now and explain what kind of research they have been involved in and would like to see done.  I already have in mind who I am going to ask, but I'm going to wait until I've heard some others - who knows, I might meet someone I didn't know about who might be better suited to this project.  I'm limited on professors that I've had multiple times that I know and like well enough to work with for a project of this magnitude, but I'm open to all of the possibilities until I make up my mind for sure.

I treated myself today.  I got on Amazon and bought a few Monty Roberts books, including "From My Hands to Yours," which my Nana gave me the money to buy as a birthday gift.  I also bought a Linda Tellington-Jones book; she is the woman who came up with TTeam and TTouch.  There are a lot of things on body work, ground exercises, and riding exercises in the book that I'm excited to read about.  I also downloaded a couple of free samples of other books that I'm interested in to my Kindle.  They were ones that looked good, but I didn't know much about the authors and didn't want to spend any more money at this point in time, so I got samples to read and see what I think of.

Basically, tonight has been a lazy evening for me.  I've had a headache - blah - off and on all day.  So after my last class I came back to my room, made some coffee (and later some chai tea - yum!), played around on the computer a little, read a couple blogs, watched Charmed on Netflix, and read.  It's been a nice, relaxing, unwinding kind of night, and now I'm about to end it by going to bed.  I'll probably save that other homework for tomorrow.  Not worried about it now.

I have high hopes for this weekend! :)

Btw - tomorrow I'm 21! :)

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