Room Love :)

So, I had a little mini-photo shoot last night to show you some stuff that I got for my birthday. :)

Here it is!

My birthday presents from Mom:

A Thirty-one wall organizer, Pumpkin Caramel Latte Bath & Body Works candle, 2 Strawberry Patch mini-candles, Vanilla body lotions, Creamy Pumpkin hand soap, Apple Crumble room spray, Hazelnut coffee creamer, and a cute picture frame. :)

My mom is awesome. :) :)


My birthday presents to myself:

Bridle, saddle, saddle pad. :D
And a close up of the saddle and pad.

So then..

As I was taking all of these pictures and putting my room back to the way it was, I was looking around and realized that I am in love with my room right now.  I mean, look at this:

All in one corner of my room, you have:
Thirty-one stuff
Vera Bradley stuff
Music stand
2 flutes
2 pairs of cowboy/girl boots

It's so random! And I love it! lol

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