Weekend Rides :)

Well, I finally got to go out to the barn this weekend! (thanks to Liz)
And you know what that means...



I didn't realize how short he is until seeing this..I'm only 5'2. lol

Sunset by horseback.  Best way to end the evening. :)
Sunday morning
Best buddies. :)
Old man Jake

Orion and Buddy saying hi to each other.  I think Buddy seemed a little unsure of this. lol

I'm glad he's finally filled out more.

A pathetic mini obstacle course that I made in about 2 seconds.  I was short on resouces, so the lawn chairs and fire pit had to do.
I made a "box" for him to go in, turn around, back out of, etc.
"Mommmm, I'm boredddd! Therefore, I shall eat this fence..."

My mom and little brothers (ages 9 and 5) picked me up from the barn, and Hunter (5) fed Orion a treat.  I was so proud of Orion - he was extra careful and gentle with Hunter, rather than displaying the pushiness he sometimes does when being fed. (And btw, this is through my mom's back car window. lol)

My boy. :)

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