Wishing and Waiting

Ahh!  I've been window shopping on horse.com again!  I didn't buy anything this time, but oh my gosh....

I need a helmet.  I found one.  I don't want to spend money right now.  This leads to a very unhappy, impatient Jordan.

So, for now, I will vent here.  These are what I am currently drooling over:

DAFNA Blizzard Winter Boots

I am in love with the look of these boots.  They look comfy and durable and easy to clean....and they could be worn anywhere, not just out at the barn.  To me, it's a win and would be worth the money to have a good pair of winter boots.  The ones that I have now are nice and easy to clean, but I don't like wearing them out to the barn in the winter.  I usually ended up wearing them anyway last winter, but I'd rather have  a nicer pair.

SSG All Weather Gloves - Green
I'm also in need of a good pair of gloves - as demonstrated when I got my fingers ripped open by the lunge rope. Bah.  They're finally almost healed by the way - don't hurt very much at all now.  Anyway, I don't have any decent gloves to use for riding or working with the horses in general.  I have a couple of pairs of soft leather gloves, but they were never meant for the wear and tire of working with horses.  I want to keep them nice for regular wear.  I love everything about the description these have. 


IRH Equi-Lite DFS Helmet - Hunter
Plain and simple: I need a helmet.  Orion has been a dream for the most part during the tiny bit of riding I have done on him so far, but that's not to say that he may do something unexpected someday.  And I'm a fairly inexperienced rider anyway, so a helmet is a good idea.  Chelsea and I were horse-stuff shopping online while we were on the phone earlier, and she ran across this one, saw that it came in green, and immediately told me about it. :)


Neoprene English Girth
Right now, I need a girth for my saddle.  I didn't realize until we had it out there on Saturday that it didn't have one.  I'm using a rope one from the barn right now, but I want to have all my own gear soon.  Even if people don't mind me borrowing things, I still would feel better having my own and not worrying about wanting to ride when someone is actually using their stuff that I've been borrowing.  So far, I have all my own stuff and the only things I have borrowed are Chelsea's lunge whip (we have an agreement that I can use her lunge whip, and she can use my lunge line, lol), Carly's saddle (for all of about 30 minutes, when we realized Orion's saddle was too big for him.  It was on the last hole and was still too loose.), and the aforementioned girth.  I've been pretty proud of myself for getting things and finding deals to save money.  The stuff I have was cheaper but seems to be good quality. :)

So, that's my "wish list" right now.  I'm sure there will soon be more added...or maybe not?  I have almost everything I need right now, except these four things.  

Once I figure out what size girth Orion needs, I'll probably buy that first...then gloves...then either the helmet or boots..... Man, those boots are my favorite on here by far....I want them soooo bad! lol

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