All-nighter? I think so...

Yep, I can definitely tell it's nearing finals week.  That last week before break.  That week when all hell breaks loose if anyone messes with me because I have so much to do.  At least, that's how it's been in the past (sorry to anyone I may have blown up at).  This semester my schedule has been slightly lighter, which has been really nice, but I'm still dreading next week.

As for right now, I'm going to be pulling my first all-nighter of the year.  I've been trying so hard to avoid this (I love my sleep), but with all of the tests/quizzes/projects I've had going on for the past couple of weeks, I've managed to get myself behind on my Honors reading (my Honors class is basically an analysis of short literature class) and the journals we're required to write with them.  My journal is due tomorrow, and I'm at least 3, maybe 4, stories behind (yay me).  So, I will most likely be staying up all night so that I can hand my stuff in at 8am tomorrow morning.  

I'm ready.  I've showered, and I've got a hot vanilla cappuccino waiting at my desk along with my textbook and journal and pen.  

It's been a productive day altogether so far (I only have about 10 questions left on my trig study guide; there were around 40), and I talked to Dr. Unger about my senior project.  I'm doing it with aromatherapy and the effect it has on blood pressure, heart rate, and possibly breathing rate in the spring! Yay!  I finally found something that is simple, fairly easy, and realistic (for my resources and education level).  The therapeutic riding idea will still happen one day, I assure you, but it will be later down the road.  Maybe someday I'll get my certification and be able to teach my own class long term. :)

But for reading awaits.  I hope you all enjoy your sleep tonight! I probably won't get to until 9:30 tomorrow morning. :P

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