Peppermint Oil

Hey everyone!

Sorry it's been so long...finals week and all that.  I didn't get to write another essential oil post on Monday, so here is this week's, albeit a few days late. :)

Peppermint can be used as aromatherapy or in a massage or ingested.

It can be used for respiratory tract problems, pain relief, muscle spasms, circulation stimulation, arthritis and rheumatism, aches and sprains, muscle and tendon problems, and extreme physical and mental fatigue.

It clears the head, assists mental fatigue and nervous conditions, and it boosts the system.

It is supposed to be the most natural stomachic.  It's an antiseptic.  It helps the liver.  It promotes sweating and therefore eliminates toxins.  It can be used to treat intestinal worms.

The thing to be careful about is that using this oils with other homeopathic remedies can negate their effects.

According to, inhaling peppermint oil can help to curb the appetite and prevent overeating.  Inhaling it before and after a workout can also help to boost your mood and reduce fatigue.

Peppermint on a cotton ball (just a few drops - like 5) can be placed in your vacuum cleaner bag or vents to help freshen up the room.

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