Bergamot Oil

I've always heard of bergamot oil termed as the grief oil.  I decided to do this one in light of Jake's death.  Orion hasn't really been showing grief symptoms (unless you count having an extremely bad attitude the first couple of days I had him out after Jake died), but I knew that Jake's passing would be coming soon because he was so old and had been in pretty bad shape for a while.  His system just couldn't function the way it used to.  So something I've wondered if I would need to use to help Orion with any grief or depression he may go through was bergamot oil.  So far he's been fine, but here is why I considered it.

According to Carole Faith's "Essential Oils for Horses" book, bergamot can be used in the following ways:

It lifts the spirits and encourages appetite.  It boosts the immune system and helps with anxiety and despondency, as well as lack of confidence and stress.

It can also be used as a general tonic, and can be used to combat airborne bacteria when used in a spray.

Bergamot relieves the itching from stings and insect bites and can be applied to cuts, wounds, and other skin conditions as well.  It is known as an antiseptic and helps to heal wounds and provides pain relief.

It soothes and settles the stomach, aids and stimulates digestion, and combats intestinal worms and parasites.  It can also be used with urinary infections.  It is also a laxative and has diuretic properties.

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