Year In Review

My year in review is slightly incomplete.  I didn't start blogging this year until March, and even then didn't get really serious about it until April - but here it is anyway!

I got involved in advocating the addition of a GSA at my college and was hugely disappointed in the campus-wide reaction.  Originally, it didn't pass.  But despite that, A-B now has the group, only it had to be under the name "True Colors".

I had a day/night/day study and homework cram that only involved a few hours of sleep and hour after hour after hour of work, class, and homework - thank you organic chemistry (I will not be happy to see you again in a few weeks).  Once I was caught up on my school work, I started a 30 Day Blog Challenge (see the tab at the top).

I figured out that I'm much more creative after spending time around horses.  They seem to be my muse.  I kept up the search for a job in Elkins and also finished my 30 Day Blog Challenge.  I got a lot of good writing done during this month.

I sort of fell off the wagon with blogging.

I went on an awesome vacation to Lake Lure, NC with my family, and I tried to focus on writing again.  I got a waitressing job at a restaurant in the town where I go to school (which made it possible for me to keep working there when I went back to school in the fall) and also got word that there was a horse for sale for cheap that I might actually be able to buy.

Despite the negativity coming from my family, I went to see Orion and made the decision to buy him that very night (though I held off telling his owner that until the next day so that I didn't look completely pathetic..).  I accomplished a ton of writing and saved more than I spent on my textbooks for the coming semester (renting all the way!).  I had my first truly horrible customers at work, but I cheered myself up by diving into the world of horse equipment and deciding what I needed.  I went to a couple of family reunions, where I encountered more negativity about my pending purchase, and then jumped into making plans for the big move.
I had the realization that I'm not happy with how little I've done with my life thus far and that I really want to experience more than what I have.
I started to make more plans for Orion, like aromatherapy, stretching, lungeing, etc.  I took Ethan and his siblings out to meet Orion.  
At the end of the month, I started my junior year of college, and the weekend after that, I noticed Orion limping horribly when I went to catch him.  I had the vet out to see him and determined it was only an abscess from a stone bruise or something; she also said that he could go without his annoying, but crucial, leg wraps!  That night I also went to the county fair with my cousin and some friends.

Life continued on as normal with school and visits to Orion.  I became more productive and realized that my life had been semi-detoxed of negative people from last year.  I came down with my first sinus infection of the season, but I got my work study job at the school library, something I've been trying to do since my freshmen year.  I boughtsome more horse stuff, including a contoured bareback pad and halter/bridle combo for riding.  I debated on and almost decided to do my senior project on therapeutic riding with autistic kids.  Business started slowing down at work, and I helped run Wee Church for the little kids at my church.  I went out to dinner with my Nana and discussed my future plans and ideas, which were including things like training horses, vet school, working with autistic kids/therapeutic riding, and opening up a barn for problem horses.
I got a few early birthday presents, and while taking pictures, I realized how much I love my dorm room because it is so eclectic and reflects who I am and what I love perfectly.
Orion got his feet trimmed for the first time since I bought him.  I also bought a few more horse books, including a few by Monty Roberts (join-up) and Linda Tellington-Jones (TTouch).

I turned 21 and went to the Forest Festival in my hometown, where I met up with some old friends and may have possibly found a roommate for next year.  That same day, I went to visit Orion and tried lungeing him, which ended up with one very unproductive exercise session for Orion and a few ripped open fingers for me.  Asked Liz to start going out to check on Orion once or twice a week because my schedule was starting to get busier, and I wanted to make sure his legs were still getting healing the way they needed after his little bolting stunt while lungeing.  The farrier came out to see him, and I got bad news about his feet.  Also discovered that Orion's winter coat came in so dark that it was almost black.
Started doing Wordless Wednesday posts to encourage myself to participate in photography regularly.
Had the farrier out again and figured out that Orion was only exfoliating his heels.  He's finally sound!  Also had my first two flute choir performances of the year and saw the West Virginians perform for the first time.  Saw an old friend that same weekend and found out that he has written and published a book, which I now have on my Kindle, but sadly have not read yet.
I spent half a day out at the barn by myself with Orion and felt like we bonded a little more.
Had another lungeing lesson from Liz and tried join up.

I put together a little store section for my blog! :)  I was extremely busy all month, but still found time to order my first set of essential oils to try on Orion and myself.  I got my pre-ordered copy of Christopher Paolini's Inheritance and fell in love with it.  Played with some adorable pups out at the barn.  Bought a few books to help me try to narrow down what I want to do with my life.  Used some of my oils with Orion with great results!  Had a hilariously funny moment with my little brothers on Thanksgiving and experienced my first Black Friday sale.  Also had my first epic fall (albeit off a tiny little pony) at a run.  I threw myself into reading in my spare time.

I drooled over a Kindle Fire and started blogging about essential oils each week (the first two were lavender and peppermint - Orion's favorites).  I passed out on a ride with my best friend - don't worry, I got off the horse first.  We learned on Christmas Eve morning that Jake, the over thirty-year-old horse in the barn and Orion's best friend, had passed away.

RIP Jake

Orion got his feet trimmed again, this time by another farrier and got a lesson in respect.  I learned a few pointers in how to handle his tantrums and challenges and get better results.  We also learned that his feet are now in good shape.  I worked with him on ground manners for a couple days straight last week.  It's only a start, but he will now stand quietly with his head up, even if you're not completely paying attention to making him do it, and he's getting better at lifting his feet on command - especially his right front, which was sore for a longer time than his left, and he has always been a pain in the butt when it comes to messing with it, even though it's healed now.  He made a lot of progress in just a couple of days, and it was the best New Year's present for me. :)


In 2012, I hope to continue to expand my horizons.  Simple as that.

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