New Room! And other updates...

Well, I'm finally all moved and settled into my new room with Jess!  Things are going well right now.  I'm taking a break from homework to post this, so bear with me if it ends up seeming a bit rushed.

First, I'll start with some pictures.  My bed really isn't all that different - I just don't have 2 mattresses anymore, which really isn't all that bad.  I just have to be careful not to belly flop onto it anymore because I quite possibly might end up with a broken rib - the mattresses aren't that thick, and you end up feeling the actual bed underneath (I've already had this experience a couple of times, and it's not pleasant!).

I love my new desk. I've always loved desks that have the shelf above - so much more space and organizational opportunities!  And a bonus is that this one has a built-in light (Jess had to point that out to me my second night in the room because I hadn't realized it yet..).

We have actual closets in Kincaid, not wardrobes, but they don't have doors, so Jess had them rigged with these cute sheer curtains.

I had to lay on my back to get this one, but this is our ceiling.  Seems random, I know, but it's pretty cool.  Jess has a tie dye cover over our light to mute the fluorescence (it's not on here, but it's pretty cool when it is), CDs hung from the ceiling, and beads strung across the room.

And finally...probably - no, definitely, the coolest part of our room - Jess's bunk bed.  Her dad built it for her last year before school.  It's pretty awesome. :)

So, I'm pretty happy.  The arrangement seems to be working out perfectly, other than Jess losing her single. (Sorry Jess! :( But thank you! :) )

I've been sick since Tuesday night, so I've been pretty run down all week, and moving did not help.  Yesterday was the first day I didn't do anything.  I was supposed to work, but I woke up and couldn't breathe, couldn't do more than walk back and forth between my room and the kitchen (yes, my new suite has a kitchen, and it's pretty great) without having to lay down because I felt like I would fall down if I didn't.  

An added bonus (can you hear the sarcasm?) is that it's not a sinus infection like I originally thought.  Whatever it is has been spreading through the A-B and Wesleyan (my boyfriend's college) campuses like wildfire, so it's contagious, and I work with food at my job.....that added onto how I was feeling yesterday just did not seem to be a good idea, so I called off.  I mostly rested and did homework, although I couldn't read more than a chapter or two of the Bible for my New Testament class without feeling like I was going to fall asleep, so it wasn't a very productive day.

The rest did me good though, and today has been pretty productive.  I went to church with Jess this morning, then went to the library from 1-5 for my work study shift and got about half of my to-do list done.  That might not seem like much, but my to-do list is pretty long, so I was happy with it.  Jess and I went out and grabbed dinner at Moe's a little while after I got back, and Vanessa and I went over our statistics homework together after that...and since then, I've guessed it...doing more homework!  

(May I just add, that while the whole move out of my dorm because of the condemned catwalks thing only interfered with my attendance to one class, it completely screwed up my nightly homework regimen in all of them.  I've been scrambling to catch up today so that I'm not slammed with both last week's work and whatever new stuff I get this week.  Just saying.)

Oh, and one more thing - I have decided to give up soda for Lent. *inwardly cringe*  It's going to be a little bit difficult, but it's healthier in the long run, so I'm going to try it!

That's all I have time for right now, as I have to get back to this mountain of homework. Blah.

On the bright side, tomorrow there will be another new oil post for anyone who looks forward to them, and once this stuff is finished, I will be working on a few more of them for the next couple of weeks.  So fear not, I will keep up with them this time!


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