Longeing Videos

These were from about a week ago:

He did much better last night - only acted up a couple of times, and they were short-lived.  He did what he was asked almost every time.  He even trotted for me without TOO much of a fuss.  For the first time, he maintained a fairly smooth trot without slowing down or freaking out.  After doing a couple of circles trotting like this in both directions, I let him stop.

He's also caught on that when the lead rope/lunge line gets jiggled, he's supposed to stop if he's moving and back up if he's stopped.  I taught him that a couple weeks ago and he's pretty much got it down now.  It's really helpful during longeing.  He knows that if I do it as he's walking toward me when I asked for a halt, he messed up, and he stops and waits.  By the end of our session last night, he knew he was supposed to just halt and wait until I relaxed, then he came to me every time.

I was a happy girl.  Breakthroughs are awesome!

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