Trimming Orion

Well, we did it!  Orion finally got his trim.  Thank God.  He's needed it for so long...

An extra plus was that he didn't try to run the farrier over every 5 seconds like he's done every other time he's been trimmed since I got him.  I can't decide if it's the work I've done with him myself, he just liked the guy better than the others, or a fluke.  Possibly it's a combination of the three.  

But happily, the majority of the problems he gave weren't too major, and most of the time when he tried to pull away, it was because of the damn flies.  I fly sprayed him about half an hour before the trim and messed around with his feet some to see if he was going to be cranky or nice about them today.  As he usually is nowadays, he was good.  That doesn't always mean he'll be good for someone else though, so I was a bit apprehensive about whether he'd behave for Aric.

Lo and behold, he stood calmly and didn't fight the trimming very much.  Aric was really good about giving him breaks every couple minutes so he could scare off the flies without unbalancing himself.  I think Orion appreciated that.  

In case I haven't said it before, at all of his other trims, Orion has been good for me....but then the farrier takes over, and suddenly he goes all gahhhhhh!-crazy-animal who won't stand still, tries to kick, skitters backwards, forwards, you can see why I was a bit nervous.  

All in all, I think I may have found a farrier I'll be able to stick with.  He was good about getting back to me and coming out on fairly short notice.  Orion liked him and mostly behaved for him.  We talked it over and decided that he'd come out again in six weeks to trim him again.  We're going to FINALLY get him on a good schedule and get his feet in good shape!

(Alas, I forgot to take before and after pictures of his feet, but I'll take some next time to post here.)

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