Family Meets Orion!

Got to introduce my grandad to Orion today. My grandad walks with a cane...I was amazed that my normally fidgety horse stood still the entire time unless asked to move and was very careful where he placed himself.  Even when he checked Grandad's pockets for cookies (the first time I've seen him do that to anyone but me lately), he was gentle and not pushy about it.  He was the same way with a 6-year-old last fall and a 2-year-old this past spring.  He's a good boy. :)

The crack that has been developing in his right front has actually chipped off. :(  A farrier is supposed to be coming out Thursday evening to trim him, so hopefully we can get that all figured out and fixed.  It doesn't seem to bother him, but it looks horrible.  And of course I'm like an overprotective parent and can't stand it when anything is even slightly wrong with him.  Just hoping it's not anything serious.  He's developed some smaller cracks in his other feet too, but they're all in the regions that will be trimmed off on Thursday.  

He made me proud today.  I love him! :D

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