Snippets From the Weekend

Funny moments:
Grandpa (as he jumps up and runs for the door): Did you hear someone knocking???
Me (in confusion): No? Grandpa, that was thunder...

Uncle: Hey, who's that guy in the picture over there?
Me: Colonel Sanders.
Uncle: And where's he from?
Me: ....Kentucky...?
Uncle: Oh boy, you're good! (laughing at his own joke)
Ha..haha..nice try, uncle... :P

Blurry, but he was trying to pick up a peanut so he didn't have to lean over to get it.  Silly kitty!

Harry likes peanuts. Om nom.

Pretty boy. :)

Grandma is still hanging in there, though the doctor said on Wednesday that she probably only had about 48 hours left. She's very weak and exhausted and sleeps most of the time. She opens her eyes but can't really seem to focus on any one thing, and we're not sure if she sees us or not. She knows we're there; she moves toward sounds and sometimes tries to speak to us (usually in protest to being moved or awakened or fed...or sometimes when we leave).

Everyone keeps saying how she's doing better some days and not others.  I honestly couldn't see a difference from day to day while I was there this weekend.  Sometimes she eats more than at other meals, sometimes her eyes are open more...but those are such tiny things that it doesn't seem like a big deal to me anymore.  She's constantly drugged up because of the pain, but she's still in pain when she's moved.  I really just wish it could be over so she doesn't have to go through this anymore.  I don't know if that makes me a bad person or kind of feels like it, but it's only because I hate seeing her go through this.


It's less than a month until I go back to school!  Before this day is over, I hope to have all the little last minute details taken care of.  Books ordered, loan stuff (ugh) taken care of, some stuff for my senior project prepared so that I can get right into the experiment part of it when I get back...   Yeah, I've got my to-do list next to me right now.  I'm hoping to finish it and be able to throw it in the trash by tonight.

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