Surprise Party Success!

Surprise b-day party for the roomie: SUCCESS! :D

I felt like a secret agent part of the time yesterday, sneaking around so she wouldn't suspect anything.

She almost caught me with her b-day card once but apparently didn't notice it in my hand.  I went to the bookstore to buy it when she was supposed to be printing some stuff at the library and then going back to the room.  So imagine my surprise when she walks into the school's cafe, Jazzman's, as I am taking a picture to text to our other friend who was doing the party (my "personal trainer" V).  A walked in and said my name, and I went into semi-panic mode trying to shove the card into my bag while saying semi-casually-but-not-really, "Hey! What are you doing here?"

Inside said: Some things never change.

I decided to go to the library to get in a little studying in the hour before we were supposed to go to V's for the party (or as A thought, our physics study group).  V called and asked if I could help her set up for the party.  So I told A I was walking down to a friend's to take him my physics notes for the class he missed, and he'd be taking me to V's, so I'd see her there!   She thought it was legit, and off I went to help set up.

All in all, it was a success!  Just a casual party with pizza, homemade cake courtesy of V, and a semi-scary movie.

Yes, as for my fitness plans....I screwed them up last night with two pieces of pizza and a small piece of cake (I did stick to drinking water with it though!), so I'm going to be extra good for the rest of the week.  

V's adorable cat, Bonnie. Left: Stalking the streamers.  Right: Holding hands with a bunny.

Interesting note though: I found that I wasn't really all that enthused on that kind of food.  The pizza was kind of eh anyway, though the cake was really good, but it just felt so heavy.  I definitely feel better with what I've been sticking to lately, which has basically been leaner meats, scrambled eggs, fruits, and veggies.  And water.  Lots and lots of water.  I drink tons of it.  When I start craving food when I really shouldn't be eating, I guzzle water.  It works!  It holds me over until my next meal or snack anyway.

Sunday I worked out for an hour and ten minutes on the treadmill, cross-trainer, bike, and then more treadmill.  Altogether, I burned around 458 calories, according to the machines. And I felt amazing afterward.  I was proud of myself. :)  I'll probably be working out again tonight - I'd already planned to anyway, but after last night...I need to. lol

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