I Got a Single!

I don't know if I've ever been this excited to move.  I love my roommate, but I think both of us prefer having our own space to living with someone else.  This semester, it became possible for both of us to have singles again, so we applied for them.

Two of the girls in my suite moved out.  One transferred to another school; the other moved down the hall.  This left one of our three bedrooms open, and I was approved to live here! I moved in Monday.  

Photo collage I made at 2am.

I spent a huge chunk of time cleaning it, then moving my stuff over here, and then unpacking it all and putting stuff away again.  I was up until 3am.  

After I'd showered for the night, I crashed in my huge king-sized bed!  I'm totally bragging, and I am not ashamed. lol

I was also very proud of myself Monday afternoon. While I waited for the RA to bring my new key over, I put together a bookshelf I'd bought from Target.  All. By. Myself. I know, it doesn't sound like a huge task, but I've never put something like that together completely on my own.  And there were no smashed fingers in the process.  Maybe I'm not my mother's daughter after all. :P

The walls are still pretty bare for the moment, but that will change eventually when I get everything else put up. I have a couple posters at the moment, but I also want to get some of the pictures that were taken over break printed and framed as 8x10s to hang on the wall behind my bed.  Once I do that, put up my bulletin board and wall organizer (need to buy Command strips first), the room will be officially complete!

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