Workin' on My Fitness

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I'm working on this New Year's resolution of getting in shape.  So far this week, I have concentrated on getting back into good eating habits. It started out slow, but I've been doing well for the past few days.  No slips ups since after the first day. :)  

I did part of a cardio yoga workout on Tuesday.  It was 50 minutes, and I did maybe 20 of it before my partner in crime and I decided that if we did another downward dog position we were going to end up on our heads because our arms felt so weak.

Thursday I did the easy workout on my Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD. And let me tell you, it's not labeled 'easy' because it's actually easy.  It's only easy in relation to the other two workouts on the DVD.  Although, I have to say, I didn't have as much trouble with it as I did when I did the same workout religiously for a couple of weeks a couple years ago when I first got it.  I powered through and didn't die...though in the ten minutes or so after my cool down, my arms felt like jelly, my legs felt weak, and my back was so tired I didn't think I could sit up straight for very much longer.  JM knows what she's doing! Crazy!

Last night I only did a short workout. I worked for four-and-a-half hours (which really didn't involve that much work because the cafe was dead, but it did involve standing the whole time), so I was pretty beat by the time I got back to the dorm.  Plus, since I thought I was going to die after my JM workout the night before, I thought I'd give my muscles a slight break until today.  I did 30 lunges (15 on each leg). 35 regular crunches, 35 reverse crunches, and 45 bicycle crunches.  Then one minute of jumping jacks for cardio.  The "cardio" probably didn't amount to much because it was super late by the time I finally decided to do anything, and I was afraid of waking up the people under me, so I didn't do it for very long.  I'll get back into it today and do some Zumba or another JM and then probably some yoga too.  

Eating on Friday didn't go as well as could be hoped, simply because I was fairly rushed the last half of the day.  Dinner wasn't exactly healthy because by the time I got off of work, the cafeteria was closed (no salad *sad face*), and the only option I had was the Cave/E.J. & Emma's (I still can't get used to calling it that since they changed the name...The Cave is what it will always be to me).  I had a small order of fries. :(  And it really was small.  I actually think I got a little jipped, but I won't complain because I really would have preferred something different anyway.  Their choice in yogurt last night didn't appeal to me, and the last couple times I got the grilled chicken sandwich...well, let's just say it wasn't great.  I went with fries.  Today will be different.  I'm getting back on track.  This getting in shape business is intense.

I've been using my It Works wraps too, and I can see a little bit of a difference a day and a half after the second one. I'm not expecting miracles right away, but common sense tells me that as long as I try to maintain a healthy diet - as much as is possible on a college campus, this campus especially - and work out, my results should happen even quicker.  Yay!  Muscle-building will happen at the same rate it always does, but the wraps and such should help the extra unwanted pounds come off a little faster.

By the way, I'm selling It Works now (see It Works Distributor badge to the top left!).  If I remember right, I set the badge up so that when you click it, it takes you to my website.  So if you're curious about it, check it out, and email me with any questions!

That's all for now, folks! :D

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