Sunday Catch Up

This is just a little something I thought I'd leave here.  Today has been sort of a catch up on laundry, cleaning, and homework kind of day.  Not a lot of interesting stuff has really happened.  I caught up with a friend, and I made this video with some clips I found on my computer from one day last summer.  This is basically how my best friend from home and I start out most visits with our horses.  We catch them and then stand there for a couple minutes and catch up and narrate what Orion and Kit could be saying to one another.  As you can see, Kit is the feisty one with attitude.  Orion mostly just tries to be friends with her and usually fails, so instead, he starts being affectionate to me or Chelsea.

***Oh and by the way, forgive the bouncing video border.  It was YouTube's way of fixing the video - it was kind of shaky.***

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