Music Monday - Once in a Lifetime, Girl

Once in a Lifetime, Girl - Steve Perry

I've loved this song since I discovered it - along with a lot of Steve Perry's other solo work - in middle school.  

(Warning: You might see a lot of other "classic rock" type stuff posted for Music Monday in the near future.  Thanks to Spotify, over the weekend I re-discovered a ton of the old rock music that I grew up listening to thanks to my parents.  I compiled it all into one giant playlist.  I have plenty to choose from. Haha.)

Personally, even though I like a lot of today's music, the stuff I grew up listening to from about sixth grade on is the stuff that I love the most.  That was the period of time that my mom and dad started actively introducing me to the stuff that they had listened to in middle and high school.  Of course, by that point, I already had a healthy knowledge of much of Def Leppard's music, since that was one band both of my parents liked and had played regularly when I grew up.  They're still my favorite band to date.  If I can't decide what music I want to listen to, I put anything of theirs on, and I'm happy.  I never get tired of them.  There's too much of a library of DL stuff to choose from to get tired of them. 

For a while, Journey was up there in the "favorite bands" list, and that's how I came to find Steve Perry's stuff.  One day I was raiding my mom's CDs looking for new stuff to add to my iTunes library, and I came across Steve Perry's Greatest Hits.  Whaaaat?  I had no idea he'd ever gone solo!  After which I wanted to smack myself in the head and go, "Duhhh Jordan, Journey ended up with a new lead singer at some point, what did you think happened to him??"

So I took the CD up to my room and listened to it.  Fell in love with pretty much the whole thing.  "Once in a Lifetime, Girl" was my favorite song off of it for a very long time.  When I listened to it again over the weekend, I knew I wanted to put it on the blog.

So, there you go.  A somewhat lengthy MM post, but c'est la vie.  You got a great song and story.  

You're welcome.

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