It's been sooooooo lonnnnnnggggg.....

Hey all!  Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  Unfortunately it looks like it may continue this way for a little while longer.  Last semester of college is kinda killing me.  I should have taken some of these classes earlier and made this semester a breeze, but unfortunately, this is how it panned out. :/

Physics, botany, herpetology, biochem, and trying to get stuff with my senior project done are keeping me super busy. other news....I'm dating someone. I usually don't bring that kind of stuff here, but.... I feel like I kinda have to now.  At least a little.  You'll probably hear about him some on here as it is because he's been out to see Orion twice now and loves him...and what do you know, brat face really seems to have taken to him too.  He followed him around like a dog yesterday.  He was nuzzling him the first time we were out there a couple weeks ago - even while he was in a bratty mood.  I was in a state of shock.  My usually one-person horse has taken to someone else.  O.o

I like to think he's a good judge of character. :)

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