So here it is, almost the end of my spring break, with two full days left, and it's the first time I'm writing here.


I was visiting my grandfather for basically the first half of break, and he's old-fashioned and has no internet, so blogging was out.  Though I must admit, it was nice to be mostly unplugged (aside from texting the boyfriend and Instagramming photos of Harry) for a few days.

(Oh and by the way, Instagram name is @jordanrochelle16 in case you're interested in following.)

Unfortunately I developed a cold the same day I came home.  I spent the next couple of days in bed when not doing chores for my mother.  Once I felt like I wasn't going to die every time I got up, I started working on homework.  Blech.

After the past few weeks, I kinda thought that this week was gonna be easy and good...well, it has been good.  Not going to complain there.  The no internet and ill-timed cold actually provided some down time. But...

The whole last week was like go-time, all day every day.  There was ALWAYS something important that had to be done, something due, a test to take, a test to study for, uber-important senior project data to collect..late.  It seemed like it was never going to end, but at the beginning of the week, Zack and I decided we were going to set Friday night as the night we were going to go on our second "official" date (even though we spend every free second together, we'd only had one real date - Sheetz runs at two in the morning for study food do not count).  So the whole week, it was "If we can just get through this, we can go to Olive Garden Friday night, and everything will be okay."

So the whole week was go, go, go, and we got through it successfully.......only to realize...well crap.  We still have a crapload of stuff to do for when we go back. Biochem paper, senior research paper, data-analysis for said senior research paper, a biochem test this Wednesday to study for, and various lab write ups to turn in when we return.  With my luck, I'll probably figure out something else that needs done as well. *sigh*

So.  For the last two days, I have been doing housework to help my mother out in addition to homework.  Mostly that senior project stuff.  It will be the death of me, but I swear it will be done by Monday.

So again I say:

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