Still Alive! Promise!

I was going to make this post a wordless Wednesday...but on second thought decided to jot down a few quick updates since my blogging has been nonexistent for most of this semester.  Too much going on and too little time and trying to have some downtime thrown in there occasionally, usually away from electronics, excluding my Nook, have led to no writing.  Gonna be trying to get back on track in the next couple of weeks, as a lot of exciting stuff and daunting decisions will be made.

1. The boyfriend and I have been going out to see Orion every week or two (mostly two weeks) since we started dating.  (It was two months on Sunday! :D)  He absolutely loves Orion, and Orion seems to adore him.  O follows him like a puppy, and when he gets in trouble with me, he runs to Zack. -_-  This prompted a "Don't you DARE touch that horse!" exclamation from me a couple of weeks ago when Orion bolted while being lunged in the field (for the 3rd time), and instead of running crazily across the field, went straight to the gate where Zack was standing.

Zack: Why? He just wants attention.
Me: He's being a dick.  He doesn't get love and attention when he's being an asshole. (I was a bit frustrated at this point.)

After realizing Zack wasn't going to save him from doing work, O settled down and (mostly) did as he was asked.  By the time the lesson was over, he was respecting my space and walking at my shoulder, being very attentive to my every move.

2.  I graduate in May.  It's freaking me the hell out.  Hiring freezes and the like are messing with my plans for after college.  I'm debating taking more classes in the fall and trying to get my teaching degree and take some of the elective sciences that I didn't have time to take while I was here.  Everything is still up in the air at this point, and I hate it.

3.  This semester has been chaos, and outside of Zack and one of my suitemates, I never see anyone anymore.  Last week alone I had 4 tests and a paper due, and this week I had 2 papers due on Monday and a biochem quiz on Friday.  I nearly had a breakdown last night because I've been so stressed.  If it hadn't been for a friend coming through as my voice of reason and Zack calming me down, I probably would have.

And now, I'm off to finish editing my senior paper, finally, and go to physics lab, before working from 6:30-11.  I swear, it never ends!!!

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