Pre-Finals Week

To those of you who have been periodically checking on me lately and not hearing much of anything - if anything - back....I sincerely apologize.  I've seriously gone into get-everything-done-as-efficiently-as-possible mode because there is so much to do before I graduate.  While I nearly always have my phone on me, I've been shying away from getting into lengthy conversations with people most of the time for fear of getting off track.   I do a good enough job of that on my own. -_-

Interrupting this post: My boyfriend just put spicy nacho cheese on a salt and vinegar chip...and ate it.  I'm extremely grossed out right now.  Ew.


Before Friday morning, I have to have my senior paper (final draft) finished and turned in, a botany formal lab report (basically another damn scientific paper that we didn't have the data for until Friday...and since then I have not had the time to sit down and start on it because of other tests and other assignments to do) written and turned in, and I have to study for my botany and physics finals, which are both Friday.

Another interruption: CRACK!  Zack: Oh s*%&.  Me: What did you just do??  Zack: I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!

Le sigh...

Nugget also just crashed her ball into my chair rather loudly.  Wondering if she's concussed herself this time.....nope, she's rolling away.  Apparently fine.  Sprinkles has rolled himself into a corner and gone to sleep.

Oh and also, I have herpetology and biochem finals on Monday.  Joy.  Not worried about herp too much....overall, my greatest concerns at the moment are biochem and physics.  And that damn botany paper that's going to cut in on my study time.  


I just want it all to go's not gonna. :(  So I'm off to start doing what I should have started half an hour ago.  Positive energy coming my way would be greatly appreciated!!!


Oh! One last thing!  Shout out to Liz and Q who had one hell of a weekend.  I'm glad everyone is going to be ok, and I hope Q heals quickly and well!  Good job to Liz for knowing what to do and giving her little mare the best care she could with the circumstances presented to her.  Love you both!

Pictured below are Nugget and Sprinkles....I referenced them above, but I don't think I've talked about them much before, so I'll write a little more about them later. :)

Little Nugs


Zack's bearded dragon, Draco.

There will also be more to come (with pictures!) on all the awesome adventures I've been able to go on with herpetology the past month or so.  I'll have them up as soon as I have time!!

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