Updates to Come!

I've been pretty busy lately and not had access to wifi, so my apologies for not posting!

I have lots of stories to tell but have not had time to sit down and organize my thoughts, so there will be plenty to come!

Some bullets to keep you informed until I can go into more detail:

  • I started a new job yesterday.
  • I've taken Orion on two successful long rides in the past two or three weeks (I've been out of town most of that time, so that's all I could manage - but they were good.)
  • I'll be starting a second blog dealing with one of my favorite topics - books!
  • Zack went to Costa Rica for a week and I read 8 books while he was gone.
  • Zack ride Orion without my assistance for the first time.
I'll give more details on most of those later, but for now I'm signing off because I'm doing this from my phone. 

More to come!


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