New(ish) Job

Hello poor neglected blog followers...I suck. I know.  

I started working for AB's maintenance crew toward the end of June.  Since then, things have been a mostly good way, but super busy all the same.  I work 7a-4p, Monday-Friday doing odd jobs around campus, the majority of which have consisted of painting offices and taking care of severely neglected landscaping.  I started out as one of four girls among a crew of twelve guys.  That's a FUN time, let me tell you.  Most of them do nothing, talk themselves up like they do, and then are outworked by the girls.  Every. Day.  

In the last couple of weeks, I've become part of a small group that has broken away from the rest and more or less stick to landscaping.  Everyone in the group works and makes good progress every day, therefore I am happy with them.  The group consists of four girls and one guy (two more girls were hired, and most of the boys don't like them because when we're all together we don't take their crap). A side note: I almost ripped a guy twice my size a new one the other day when he complained about the other girls and myself "getting him in trouble" because in a 20 minute period he threatened (jokingly or not, the comment went way too far and had no right to be said) one of the girls, and the rest of the time the other guys were talking about a party they had gone to where some of them had essentially sexually assaulted a girl, while in the same conversation making comments about one of the members of our group.  We had had enough and went to the bosses about it, who in turn, had a meeting with the whole crew about how we are to conduct ourselves during work.  So when the guy who had made the threat tried to complain to me, looking for sympathy, he got none.  By the time our debate was done, he didn't have much argument left and just huffed and puffed before finally shutting up about it.

Those issues aside, I actually REALLY like my job.  My favorite part is getting to be outside most days.

I've also been working out a good deal in the past couple of weeks with Zack, who also works here.  It's a slow process, but I think I can feel myself getting a little stronger even though I can't really see a difference yet.

More later!  Hopefully that satisfies you for the moment!

Signing off now...

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