Fur Family Addition!

So, I just feel like you all need to meet the newest addition of my fur family.  I haven't even had her for a full 24 hours, and I already love her so much!

Back during the spring, my mom got my brothers each a guinea pig.  I loved them both instantly when I went home and met them, and I've been contemplating getting one ever since.  Well...

Yesterday my mom took me out for an early birthday lunch.  While out, she offered to pick up anything I might need from the store.  The things that immediately popped to mind were all for my animals - a fish net for Fiyero, because I've somehow lost his in one of my moves, and litter and food for Sprinkles and Nugget.

Lo and behold...We went inside Eastern Pet Supply, and while in the hamster section, we saw an enclosure with baby guinea pigs.  I was saying how cute they were and how much I want one, when my mom pointed out that she had given me money for my birthday.  Decision made.  My birthday present to myself was going to be a guinea pig.  When I went to one of the employees and said that I wanted one, she asked if I had seen the ones in their small animal room.  Wanting to give each pig a chance, I followed her back to the room to see them.  There were two.  I asked how old they were, and she said that most of them were from the same litter and were the same age.  Then she paused and pointed to a smaller one hunkered down in the corner that I hadn't quite seen yet and added, "This one is younger though."  I leaned in to get a closer look, and my heart melted.

She was a little white, black, and brown baby.  It was instant love.

The attendant put together a box for her while I told Mom which one I had chosen and reasoned that since she was the youngest, she would be the best because she'd imprint on me more and be easier to tame.

Everyone who has met her so far has fallen in love with her as much as I have.  I even got my grandpa to hold her for a couple of minutes last night...slightly against his will, but by the time I came back downstairs, he was smiling at her as he pet her and she sat there calmly for him.

Her name is Sawyer. :)

She seems to be adjusting well so far.  This morning, she allowed me to pick her up without running from me for the first time.  She purred some last night as well.  I had her out for about 2 hours, cuddling and playing with her.

She doesn't quite understand the concept of how to eat a treat yet. lol

Normally, you buy guinea pigs in pairs because they're social animals.  I only bought one.  However, if she seems to be depressed at any point due to being alone, I'm completely prepared to run out and get another one to be her roommate. :)

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