And This is Why EVERYONE Should Wear a Helmet

So, remember how I talked about the damage to my helmet here?

Well, when I went to see Orion yesterday, I was at the barn for a minute and got to see what it looks like for myself for the first time. I brought it home with me for further inspection.

Bear in mind, my description in that post was based on what my grandpa had told me. In reality, it's not entirely accurate. What he described and I pictured and the reality of the helmet don't exactly match up. I'll just let you see for yourself though...

Left side

Front (missing visor fell off the first time I used the helmet.
Right side (where I landed)
Now also keep in mind that aside from the missing visor, there were no marks on this at all before I was thrown.

Looking at it gives me two strong feelings:
--Pride and thankfulness that I started the good habit of wearing a helmet while riding a long time ago and continued it that day even though I expected Orion to ultimately behave.
--An intense awareness of what could have happened if I hadn't been wearing it and it had been my head that made contact with the ground at that force.

So I know a lot of people preach it, and then there are some that don't. You can go on a million rides, do a million things, and everything can work out fine. 

But what happens on ride number one million and one, when something DOES happen? Wouldn't you rather be here to tell about it? You can't brag and tell everyone about that epic fall that you had and survived without a scratch if you're dead or in a coma or brain-damaged because you didn't wear a helmet, and your head took the full brunt of a rock, a tree, the ground, or literally ANYTHING else nearby.

I know that may seem melodramatic, but really. You NEVER know what could happen.

As for me, I'm shopping for a new helmet this week...

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