Still Friends

The other day at work, I was asked by a customer why my arm was in an immobilizer. I explained to him what happened with Orion, and he nodded along. It turned out that he had a little experience with horses and completely understood the theories that some of us have for why it happened.  However, before moving on to get his meal, he asked something that no one else has asked me: Are you still friends?

Well, yes. But here's an even better visualization of my yes...

I stopped out to visit Orion today for the first time since he threw me 3.5 weeks ago. (I haven't been avoiding him; I had just been staying with my mom out of town.)

Apparently he had thought I was gone forever or something, because as soon as he saw me climbing over the fence, he took off at a very fast trot to get to me from the other side of the field. He didn't slow down until he was right in front of me and wouldn't let the other horses near me. They had followed him like good little minions (hahaha, Orion has minions now! It cracks me up, but now I have to prove to him that I'm not a minion.).

He stood very close to me the whole time and kept affectionately nuzzling me and gently sniffing my hair and face, and when I climbed back over the fence and said goodbye and headed back to the car, he leaned over the fence and stared after me as I left.

He puts me through a lot of shit sometimes, but I love this horse with all my heart.

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