My Week in Pictures

It's Saturday, and since I'm spending the weekend with one of my best friends and doing all kind of fun stuff, I thought I'd just share a few pictures from this week.

I splurged a little bit today and bought myself some new books.  These are pretty much the only things I splurge on the past few years - books and horse things.
Chelsea's cat, Ginny, is obsessed with shoes.  My flip flops became hers temporarily last night.
This is why I love WV...because just an hour or so from where I'm staying, there's this.  And this is just one of the countless amazing sights my state has to offer.
My old church sent me a get well card.  I received it yesterday.  Thank you Philippi Baptist Church!
Who needs a puppy when your little brother does this?
Grainy, crappy quality picture of where I've been doing my proofreading and blogging for the past couple of weeks since the accident.

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