A Bit of an Announcement

Writing writing writing...

Been writing a lot lately, just not a lot of stuff I've wanted to share with the world.

I have been settling in well - thanks to those of you who sent well wishes and supported me in that. :)

I'm currently sitting here looking at jobs on Glassdoor to see if any of them strike my fancy.  I don't have immediate plans of leaving my current job, and if things work out there the way I hope they do, I probably won't for a while. But I'm also open to other things if the right thing comes along.

It's not something I've talked to anyone about lately - well, actually, I think I've talked to one person, kind of in passing, about it last weekend - but I think I've pretty much decided to wait until next year to apply to PT school or any other school.  With the way my GPA was left after organic chemistry nearly killed me junior year, I'm slightly below the 3.0 that WVU insists that you MUST have in order to be accepted.  I talked to a former adviser from college a few weeks ago when he was in the cafeteria where I work, and he understood my concerns and said that they are well-founded.  He suggested I look for any kind of certifications or internships that may make me look better to the school.  He told me that in a lot of cases like mine, those types of things will give them more reason to overlook the GPA part, especially since it is fairly close to what they want.  SO. That's what I'm on the lookout for right now.  It's made much easier and less frustrating by the fact that I have internet I can get on any time I want now, and since I'm not working as many days this week and next (my own version of Thanksgiving break), I'm planning on spending a lot of time looking for stuff around here.

If anyone in or around where I live knows of anything a bio major could do that would make her look more suitable to a PT school, let me know!

****I know this is not what a lot of people (family!) are wanting to hear right now, but bear with me - I'm getting this figured out.  At least I have a direction now - and I now know I can go to this adviser with anything I need too, so that's a big plus. I'm not unhappy with this decision.  I'm actually quite comfortable with it and am looking forward to getting my feet wet in something new as I prepare for this big journey.****

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