Google Chrome Office Stuff

Ok, this is gonna be really random...

But I was looking into a replacement for laptop (I'm going to need a new one eventually - possibly sooner rather than later, though as long as this one keeps on keeping on, I'll use it - I just have to be near a wall outlet and have my cord in a certain position. -_-), and I was looking at a Chromebook.  I've my eye on those for a while - I like the look of them, and they seem to have most of the stuff I need.  I wouldn't be able to do gaming stuff like play Skyrim and other games, but let's face it, right now I don't really do that very often.  I will eventually want to play games again, but for now I'm just too busy with other stuff.

So anyway...The only real problem I've ever seen with them as far as my needs go is that I didn't know if I'd be able do things that I normally would do with Microsoft Office.  I use MS Office ALL THE TIME.  Seriously.  I write all the time, so there's MS Word and OneNote.  I use Excel for a lot of different things, both work- and home-related.  I use PowerPoint a lot for work, especially here lately since I've been working on building my safety presentations for the months to come.

So yeah, I was skeptical about that.


I was playing around with Chrome tonight and found the spreadsheets and presentations and forms and all this other stuff that you can use with it...How did I not know about this?? Either it's new (doubtful....) or I'm just always so goal-oriented and focused on what I'm doing with what I already know that I've just never taken the time to explore and see what all I can really use Chrome for. I'm thinking it's the latter. lol

I use Chrome all the time, so now that I know it has these features I can use now and in the future, I might possibly get a Chromebook sometime in the next few months or year.


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