I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Hey guys!

I finally found an apartment that's affordable for me and allows pets, and I've been here for a couple weeks now. I still need to move my stuff from my mom's house here, but I have what I've been living with at Grandpa's here now.

I love this place, and my roommates and their friends and girlfriends are great. It's late while I'm writing this, and I didn't take pictures earlier in the day, so I'll get some  tomorrow. I did, however, take a few pictures of my favorite room tonight. Lighting's not great because I had a migraine, so I had everything dimmed a bit.

There's also a picture here of the kitchen counter where I've been sitting a lot of the time and where I'm writing this right now.

*Note: wrote this a while ago and added a few more pictures that show parts of the front room (my favorite where I spend most of my time).*

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