So, a couple of years ago, it was suggested to me by a friend that I should take this Enneagram personality test.  Turns out I'm a Type 9, which is called "The Peacemaker".  When I took the test, I signed up for their daily emails, which are sent out around 2 am and have a tip or thought for the day based on your personality type.

Today, mine was a little different, and I want to do it on here.

Today, make a list of the things in your life that excite you. What kind of person would you be if you could sustain this level of excitement more often? What steps can you take to become more like that person? (The Wisdom of the Enneagram, 325)

Things that are exciting me right now:

1. I'm about to move into a new place with my best friend from high school, something that we've talked about doing since high school and college but has never seemed to work out until now.

2. Said place is back in the town I graduated high school from.  I loved my friends and being in the band and all of the things that I did in high school, but because I didn't have my license or a car, I didn't really have my freedom, and that took away from the whole experience.  I wanted out. Now I want back in.  There are so many more opportunities there for people my age than there are here, and I'm at the point where I'm dying for a change.  I usually hate change.  But I've worked myself up to it, and now I need it.

3.  I finally have the car and the license, and I've been all over the place. lol  It's amazing having the freedom to do what I want and go where I want.

4. New job.  I'm working on getting a new job.  I have a couple that I have interviewed for and one in particular that seems to be genuinely interested.  I still don't know what will happen with it, but it's still there.  I'm still waiting for their decision.

What kind of person would I be if I could sustain this level of excitement more often?  An awesome one! A responsible one.  Someone with their crap finally together and who can actually live a more vibrant, exciting life.  I'm starting to get there.  The steps have already begun...the final one that is still under my control at this point is that I just have to figure out how to balance all the stuff I'm doing with getting enough sleep because I have been exhausted.  But it's okay because I'm exhausted doing things I love, for the most part.

What things in your life excite you, and how could you realistically sustain that level of excitement all the time?  Feel free to either comment with your answer or write a blog post about it and link it back here in the comments! :)  Have a wonderful day!

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