Happy Birthday, Darryl!

Those of you who only read the blog probably don't know much about Darryl yet. I know I mentioned last year that we bought our first house, but since I got busy with said house and didn't keep writing, you didn't get a whole lot more insight. And even if you follow on Facebook, we don't post a lot of selfies and pictures together because we're usually too busy actually doing things ( plus neither of us is good at taking selfies and he doesn't like his picture taken in general!).

But to give a little insight into our relationship for a second:

Darryl is one of the most amazing people I've met, though he would most likely tell me I'm insane for thinking that. He's like two sides of a coin. Kind and considerate and caring (he will deny that too), while also stubborn, headstrong, and not at all afraid to speak his mind. We complement each other pretty well! Lol

While I am all of those things too (at least I think), it's never boring.  We butt heads occasionally over stuff, but most of the time we are in agreement about what matters. And the things that we don't agree on...we either find a middle ground or we agree to disagree and move on. It's the kind of relationship that I always knew I wanted, but I really didn't think I'd ever find a person that would really be that way. It's not petty, there's no drama, and he actually really cares.

By the time we found each other, I was done dating for a while, and had been for a couple of years, and though it didn't start immediately, once we spent more time together, I knew that this could be something serious. I dug my heels in for a while, but he eventually got me to come around. And I'm so incredibly happy that he did, because I don't know what I would do without him now.

But enough with the mushy stuff. He's not all about big gestures and parties, so I went sentimental this year and got him some pictures printed and framed and we're going to Morgantown today to eat at Chili’s (his favorite) and do some shopping.

(His only gift request was that he wanted an 8x10 picture of our two cats, Bo and Leo, sitting together like they actually like each other, printed and framed. -_-) I went a little further than just that though. And the one I thought he'd like the most was this one, which I actually gave to him on Thursday because I couldn't wait for him to see it:

The left side is his dad. He passed away in 2009. Darryl was extremely close to him. The right is Darryl (a picture I got from his Facebook). He doesn't have a lot of nicely framed photos of his dad, so I wanted to do something special with it. He hung it on the wall above his recliner. :)

And here is the photo he requested:

So, if you read this, happy birthday, chief!

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