Day 3 - April 4, 2011

Your Idea of the Perfect First Date

Hmm, my idea of the perfect first date...

Well, first of all, I know I would want it to be romantic, but casual...If I'm getting to know someone, I don't want there to be frills in the way to distract me from really getting to know them.  I'd rather do something casual like dinner and a movie, or even just hanging out somewhere and talking.  Mall trips are good too.  You can learn a lot about someone by walking around window-shopping with them.

I know it probably sounds boring to some people..but I'm a simple kind of girl when it comes to dates.  I don't need expensive things, especially if I'm with someone that I really like.

I feel like I'm really bad at this one, haha.  My first date with the guy that I'm kinda with now took place over three years ago.  All we did was go to see Fool's Gold at the theater in my town and I think went to dinner.  It was simple, but it's a memory that I still cherish. I bought the movie as soon as it came out just because it was what we went to see on our first date.  I have it here with me at school. :)

Ethan and I have always been pretty laid back about our dating.  We usually don't do anything too expensive or fancy unless it's a special occasion.  I mean, come on, we're college students.  It's pretty hard to come by money to just go out and blow when you know you need to save to buy groceries and such.  With our classes and other school activities, we don't really have time for jobs during the school year.  I do a work study here at A-B, but all of the money I make doing that goes toward my tuition, not to me.

So for us, just hanging out and watching a movie, working out together (which we've only done a few times, but it was always fun.  I want to do it again soon, since it's a goal of mine to get into better shape.), and maybe ordering in food or running out to one of the little restaurants in Philippi or Buckhannon is fine.  Sometimes we'll go to the mall (he and his sister and I did that a few weeks ago - it was a good time. :D ) or go out to eat in Morgantown with family, but those are special occasions.  It's something different to do.

Speaking of dates, I'm hoping to go on one this weekend, since it will be the first one in a while that I won't have to study my butt off for!  Woo!  I didn't get to see him last week or this past weekend, so I have my fingers crossed. :)

- Jordan

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