Day 4 - April 5, 2011

 Your Favorite Photo of Your Best Friend

This was a tough one...I have a ton of pictures of Chelsea because she has been one of my best friends for a long time.  But when I was going through some of them (mainly on my Facebook, because that narrowed down the search considerably - there are just wayyyy too many photos on my computer), this one seemed to stick out to me.

It was taken during our senior year.  I love taking pictures, and the last week of school (for seniors, since we got out early), I went through this "Oh my gosh I have to get pictures of everybody before we leave, or I'm gonna die!" phase.  This was the one I got of Chels and I together.  I think it might have been taken during a band council meeting (she was our drum major, and I was the co-senior class representative, so we were both there).  I took a lot of other pictures of everyone that day, in that particular class period, as well. lol

I just love that we both look so...happy.  We were both stressed beyond belief because it was the end of high school and there was so much going on...but we still looked happy.  I miss that.  I mean, I'm a pretty happy person most of the much so that it gets on some of my friends' nerves at times.  Some people think I'm naive because of it.  But you know, I realize that the world isn't always a happy place.  I go through rough stuff too, and yeah, it affects me.  And there are times when I get really down about it.

But I also realize how blessed I am.  I have an amazing family who supports me 100%, wonderful friends that I know I can count on and will always be there for me, and I have a pretty good future ahead of me if I do what I need to do to get there.  That's enough for me.

I have my bad moments just like everyone else (the months after this was taken actually seemed to be full of them), but I don't see the point of shoving it onto other people and saying, "Look at me! Look at what a hard time I'm having!" because everyone has their own problems to deal with.  I know who I can go to when I'm frustrated and need to vent, but I also know that there are a lot of things I can deal with just fine on my own and with a little help from God.

There's no reason to go around being all dark and dreary and depressing and negative.  I hate when people are constantly like that.  Having moments or a bad day is one thing, but to be like that all the time?  There has to be something worth smiling about in there somewhere, if you look hard enough for it.

To me, that's when you should pick yourself up, find that ray of sunshine in your day, and hang onto it for dear life.  Pray for something to be sent your way if you can't find it.  It's there.  Sometimes you just have to look very thoroughly to find it.

With that being said...Chelsea has been my ray of sunshine so many times that I could not even begin to tell you the count.  She's there for me no matter what, even when she's having a bad day.  And talking to her always makes me smile.  I miss having her in my life every day, but I know that when I need her, she's just a phone call away (sometimes maybe a game of phone tag away, but it still counts!).

I feel like this picture kind of symbolizes that.

Love ya Chels! :)

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