Day 5 - April 6, 2011

A Photo of Yourself Two Years Ago

Ok, so two years ago I was a couple of months away from graduating high school.  It still doesn't feel like it was all that long ago!  But it was.  Two whole years and lots and lots of stuff has gone by since then.

That spring was when I had my senior pictures taken.  My Nana is really into photography and really good at it, so she offered to do them for me.

This is my favorite one out of all of them that we tried out:

Yes, I definitely was and definitely still am a band geek. :)  I was a section leader for 2 years and active member of the band council and tried out for drum major (but didn't make it) one year.... Wow.  Yeah.  Definitely a band geek in every sense of the word.  Haha. :)

The thing I miss the most about high school is definitely marching band.  At A-B we have a pretty good concert band and a lot of smaller ensembles, but there isn't a marching band.  It's probably just as well, because I have so much to do on any given day that I would not have time to learn drill or memorize music.  I just wouldn't be able to do it, and that would probably kill me, knowing it was there but not participating...

As it is, I finally joined the concert band and the flute choir this semester, and I've loved every minute of it.  I still have to practice a good bit because the music is challenging (we're doing Lord of the Rings music. :)  It's 5 movements long and will make up the entire concert), but it's not as much work as a marching band would be so I get by, even with my other work.  

I will always miss high school band and the people I met in it.  It was like a whole other family.  Everyone was close.  Yeah, people had their moments; when you're around someone that much all of the time, you can tend to get on each others nerves sometimes.  But we were a pretty close-knit group, and it was really nice.

I made a lot of memories there for the four years that I was in that band, and that's what this picture makes me think of.  It's a nice little trip down memory lane. :)


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