Day 6 - April 7, 2011

A Photo of An Animal You'd Love to Keep As A Pet

So..I realize that horses technically are not "pets"....but...come on...Seriously? How can you possibly look at the horse in the picture above and not want that?  I will own another horse some day, one way or another.  

And I really really really want a Bashkir Curly.  They're just so freakin' cute!!  And they're hypoallergenic.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.  If you are allergic to horse hair or anything of the like, you won't be allergic to this horse. 

I just wish I could put into words how much I miss having a horse.  I didn't get to see Miracle very often when I had him because I was younger and he was a pretty long way from my house, so I always had to have a ride from someone to take me to see him.  That didn't happen as often as I wanted.  Then the man that took care of him for me sold him without telling anyone.  Freakin' jerk.  

He stopped answering emails and calls, and it wasn't until a few months after the fact that I found out from a mutual friend what had happened.  And imagine her surprise when she found out that I did not know, when he had told her that I did.  Hmmm.  Yeah.  This man and I no longer talk...for many reasons, but that is the biggest.

My biggest dream as far as owning a horse again is to find Miracle and buy him back someday.  That's really far-fetched though - I have no clue where he is or who owns him.  I don't even know if he still has the same name.  I've tried doing internet searches, but I've never turned anything up on him.  It's like he just disappeared.  

These are some of the only pictures I have of him.  So far I have yet to turn up a horse with the name Apache Miracle Boy that looks like him.  He's a tri-colored paint Tennessee Walker, which is somewhat rare from what I've always been told.  Most Tennessee Walkers are solid-colored, not painted - let alone tri-colored.  It's hard to tell from some of these pictures, but there is black in his mane and tail - that's the third color.  He was gorgeous, and one of the sweetest horses I have yet to meet.  He was hard-headed and stubborn, but when it came down to it, he was really sweet and lovable. 

If I can ever find another horse like him, I think I'll be lucky.

Someday - It WILL happen. :)


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