Hola, everyone!

I'm still here, just busy as always!

It's been a sort of hectic week - not in a bad way, just a busy, always-have-something-else-to-do kind of way.  I worked at Smokey Ray's on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (aka last night) last week.  Made some dang good tips too, with the exception of last night.  The fact that neither of us working made bad tips on a Saturday when I was making $60+ on my two week nights confuses the heck out of me.  Anyway..

I woke up yesterday morning with a sinus infection.  Someone just shoot me now.  I had these damn things all the time freshmen year when I came here, didn't have any at all last year, and now I have one of the worst ones ever! :/  Yesterday I had planned on going with Vanessa and Ashley to find plants at a state park for their botany class.  When I woke up and couldn't breathe though, that was it.  I had to work last night, so I decided to spend the day resting and trying to kick this thing so that it wasn't as bad by then.  Unfortunately that didn't really work...it actually got worse. haha.  Just my luck!  I muddled through though, and actually didn't feel too badly at work.  We were pretty steady last night, no huge rushes, so I wasn't overwhelmed, but it did help to keep my mind off the fact that I felt like crap most of the time.

I'm currently sitting in the library doing my work study.  I work from 1-5, and I've made it through the first hour.  I have a ton of homework (or it seems that way) to do by tomorrow and Tuesday, and I'm planning on getting it all done while I'm here.  It didn't get done earlier this weekend because I hung out with Ashley and Vanessa, getting dinner, going for a walk, and watching movies, on Friday night.  Then yesterday I just didn't feel like doing anything thanks to my lovely immune system.  Today I slept until 11:30 because I couldn't sleep last night thanks to not being able to breathe. Blah.  So it's all down to the wire today, but I'm confident.  I know most of this stuff, so it shouldn't take long.  I typed up half of my notes from Friday in the first hour (along with playing the Sims on Facebook - my new addiction - heehee :D ).

My Boy:

Well, I went out to see him on Monday.  Ethan went with me.  I ended up having to take him in the barn because it rained, but it was still a good visit.  I gave him a bath (spray on and wipe off stuff from Tractor Supply is amazing).  He was nice and clean and shiny and silky when I was done. lol  I also spent 45 minutes digging burrs out of his mane and forelock - it was one giant matted MESS.  I don't know what the heck he got into, but he sure did get into it with gusto.  Ironically, I bought detangler before we went out, so that helped a lot.  His legs had very little swelling, and he wasn't favoring his abscessed hoof at all (though he wouldn't let me lift it, so I couldn't look at where it was draining - brat - he kept trying to step on me with the opposite hoof every time I tried to get him to lift the one in question).  We worked on the kissing training again. lol  That has to sound so awkward to anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about!  Hint: I'm attempting to train him to lift his muzzle to you when you smooch at him - like he's kissing you.  Linda's old horse, Jake, does it without even thinking about it, and it's adorable.

Well, I'm going to get back to the homework.  More updates soon, hopefully!

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