It's Official!

Well it's official! Toward the end of the month, Orion is coming to live about 10 minutes from where I live now, and since I plan to stay in the same town for at least the next 3-4 years, he will remain close to me throughout that time.

*Happy dance*

For the first time, things are really seeming to come together. My boy is coming to live closer, where I'll be able to really give him the love and attention and care he deserves. Gone will be the days of trying to plan a trip to Elkins around my busy schedule, and usually only having a short time to do anything while I'm there.

I'm also, with the help of my grandfather and dad, actively on the lookout for a car. License will hopefully be happening soon. (Thank the Lord! This has been ridiculous for a long time.) Also, I have my eye on a place that, if the price is right, I might be moving to in the hopefully nearish future. But more on all that later, when it's actually more relevant.

For right now, I'm excited about this big step that I'm embarking on now. Moving Orion to where he's going to be will mean a lot more work on my end, but that's completely fine. The actual day to day act of caring for him has always been something I've regretted missing out on - I want to be the one out there every day working or visiting with him. I have no doubt that this move will help to solidify our bond.

There are a ton of trails there, so I'll get to ride more often, and Orion will finally get the miles and experience that he's always needed. I will too, for that matter. My bond with him has always been stronger from the ground than when riding, simply because of the fact that we've done more groundwork than anything else, especially in the beginning when he couldn't be ridden. Our connection out on the trails has definitely grown since the beginning, but it needs a ton more work. I think consistency is the biggest thing, and it's something we've always lacked.

So, I'm more excited than you can possibly imagine. :)

I'll be posting more about the barn and other plans later (barn needs some serious TLC, but a friend who also recently moved her gelding there has said she'll lend a hand in cleaning it up). I want to do a before and after post of it after we've worked on it a bit.

So here's to the future and getting life in gear! Heck yeah!

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