Best Boy Ever

Please excuse his nasty sleep-boogered eye.  I took this and then realized how gross it really looked and cleaned it off.  But aside from that, I love this picture.  

I went out to visit Orion the other day after work (one of my two days I work day shift), in a bad mood, kinda depressed, and it was a gross, nasty kind of day.  Chilly, misting, and eventually full on raining.  But when I was walking up the road to his field, he was standing at full attention watching me approach him, and by the time I made it to his fence, he was up to it too.  I climbed into the field with him, and he came up to me face to face and just stood there quietly while I talked to him and loved on him a little bit, rubbing his face and ears and neck.  Eventually he moved even closer and fell asleep for a bit with his nose resting on my arm.  

I love him.
He was just what I needed that day.

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