Try a Photo A Day!

Ugh, colds.  They suck.  I've had one for the past five days or so (and technically it was building up to it before that because I've felt under the weather more than usual for a little more than a week now).  Cold medicine and vitamins and echinacea have been helping, but it still sucks.  I want it GONE!

But enough about that.

I mentioned somewhere in an earlier post that I wanted to do more Photo A Day challenges via the Fat Mum Slim blog, and this year she's doing it by the week instead of by the month.

So this week's challenge is this:

Go here to her post for the details of the challenge for this week.  It goes into more detail about than prompts and explains how to play via IG, Facebook, etc.

Anyone want to play with me?

I usually do it through Instagram. My Instagram is @jordanrochelle16.  Follow me and see my pictures, and if you participate, let me know and I'll check out yours as well.

I'll try to post the week's photos here on the blog next Sunday for everyone who didn't participate to see.

Let's try this and see how it goes!

Leave your comments below, and definitely check out the Fat Mum Slim blog here.

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