Lazy Day

Sooo long since I last wrote.

I've had a super lazy day, laying around and binge-watching Gossip Girl (I started binge-watching it here and there a few weeks ago, and I'm now in the 3rd season on Netflix).  It was needed and I feel like kind of well-deserved.  It was a stressful week.

I moved Orion for reasons I don't really want to discuss publicly right now due to it not really being my situation to discuss.  Suffice it to say that there were goings on that I did not want to be around and did not want him to be around, and where he is now is somewhere that I feel he will be much better taken care of.  Where he is now is not necessarily where he will stay long-term, but for now it is safe and he is with a couple of horses he knows, so there is less after-the-move stress for him.  I'm focusing on saving up money to be able to put into him and get him back up to full health because he's gone a bit downhill in the past month, one of the many reasons I decided to move that I actually can throw out there.

That move was last Saturday, and I feel like I haven't really truly stopped moving since then.  If I wasn't working, I was tending to my apartment, helping out a couple of friends, or visiting Orion.

So, I've had a lazy day.  I haven't truly had one for a little while.  But a few hours ago I started getting restless and anxious and wanting to just DO something.  So I fixed myself a cup of coffee to clear the cobwebs from my head, caught up on some The College Prepster blog posts, finished up a lesson and took the exam for it (aced it!), cleaned out my email (it's been neglected for the past week), did my dishes from today (I actually have managed to get off my butt and cook for myself today - I've not been a total sloth), and put out some feelers on Fiverr for some more work (it's been a little difficult getting work on there recently since I've been off it for so long - and of late it hasn't been my first priority to market it).

This always ends up happening.  I can have a lazy day, but at a certain point in the day I just feel like I have to do something.  Anything.  I just can't sit here anymore.  Or I can.  But I have to be productive while sitting here, lol.

So now my agenda is get some blog posts written for my vastly neglected blog and all of you readers (at least those of you who are actually still interested!).  I'm still here.  Still alive.  Just dealing with life's curve balls and sometimes shutting myself off from social media so as to deal with it without social influences.  Those of you who have helped me through certain things recently though - I can't thank you enough.  I reached out to a couple of people and ended up with more helping hands than I knew what to do with.  You're all awesome!

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