Hinder and Austin Winkler and Other Miscellaneous Random Things

So I've started listening to my older rock CDs from high school, since that's all I have access to to listen to in the car right now, aside from radio, which with the exception of some stuff, I'm just really not that impressed with (too much stuff is overplayed).  In the process, I re-discovered Hinder.  Howwwwww have I not kept up with this band over the last few years?? I'm so disappointed in myself.  I've been listening to their first CD, "Extreme Behavior" when I'm in the car (switching between that, Papa Roach's "Paramour Sessions", and Imagine Dragons - yep, eclectic.  I love it.), and listening to their second CD, "Take It To The Limit", when my old iPod is charged up at home or when I'm at the barn, and "All-American Nightmare" and "Welcome to the Freakshow" when I'm home or have WiFi to listen on Spotify.  And honestly, those last 3 CDs are all ones that I might save up and buy to have in the car, because I love them all that much.  I'd originally had the first two ("Take It To the Limit" was only on my iPod because I had bought it on iTunes), but I didn't even know that they'd come out with new stuff.

Side note: I've come across a lot of stuff like this in the last year or two.  I was so busy in college that I didn't pay much attention to new music unless friends showed it to me, and my taste is so diverse that a lot of stuff was missed because a lot of my friends didn't listen to as much rock as I did - some country, some pop, but not as much rock.  I didn't really listen to the radio much; I just stuck to what I already had and what I bought because a friend showed it to me and I happened to buy it.  But a lot of stuff slipped through the cracks - a lot of music by artists that I had previously loved and hadn't stopped to look up new stuff for.  Hinder was one of those.  They're soo much fun to listen to - somewhat inappropriate, but fun. lol  Spotify has been great for finding new stuff by old bands that I love.

My sad moment in all of this though, is that I just figured out that the original lead singer, Austin Winkler is no longer part of the band.  Whyyyyyyy??? (I'm looking that up right now, actually.)  Not saying they won't be successful without him, because singers come and go, but when I think of Hinder, I don't just think of the guitars and riffs and instrumental sound that they have, I think of Austin's voice.  :(  I love that voice, and I feel like that's where Hinder gets their SOUND.   So I guess I'll just wait and see what this new album has to offer.  The single they've released for it isn't bad.  It's not what I'd expect from them because it's not Austin, but it's not bad, so I could still adjust.

Another side note: I just looked up what Austin is doing now.  He's pursuing a solo career and is working on music and posting previews on Instagram (@austinjohnwinkler if any of you are interested in that).  I am now going to be an avid IG follower and will probably buy his album as soon as it comes out.  Everything he's posting sounds pretty great so far! :D

And now to bed for me.  Heading to Elkins tomorrow to get some stuff taken care of up there (moving!), then coming back for work.  The day after that will consist of work and hopefully having another trim session with Orion (gotta get those hooves in better shape! Goober doesn't know what to do with me being out there so often now! I'll post the video that goes with this later, but he actually followed me part of the way back to my car the other day and whinnied at me to make me realize he was there because I'd had no idea he'd even cared that I'd walked away.)

Busy busy busy! Making things happen!

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