TV Shows That You Really Should Watch, Part 2

Part 2 - Here you go!

Once Upon A Time
I got into this one a little late...I think when it was in it's second season, maybe? It might have been partway through it's first.  I don't know for sure, but I do know that it was during the fall semester of my senior year of college, and I fell in love with it immediately.  It's definitely got some uber-cheesiness to it, but it is so cool.  All of the Disney (and other fairytale - even the Grimm-types) characters in one huge, complex storyline where everyone is somehow connected in one way or another.  Heroes aren't completely heroic, and villains aren't entirely evil.  They make the characters more complex than that (even when they do things that are kind of predictable, there are almost always two sides to them).

The Mysteries of Laura
I'm actually playing catch up with this one as I write.  It's in its first season, and I kind of love it.  Debra Messing is awesome, as are the rest of the cast - I wish Luke Perry got a little more screentime on it, but I can live with what they give us (I've loved him ever since "Sweet Home Alabama" came out - "Wrong! The only reason I ain't signin' is because you've turned into some hoity toity Yankee b***h, and I'd like nothing better right now than to piss you off!" --sounds harsh, but when in the context of the scene, it's ohhh so hilarious! And FYI, his name is Jake in both the movie and this show. Irony.

(The video above probably won't let you play it from the blog, but it will take you to YouTube and let you watch it there.  It's worth it, I promise. lol)

The Night Shift
Love this show.  Love, love, love it.  I only know of one other person in my life who watches it, and that's my roommate.  We kind of had a big roommate medical drama bonding moment over it when we both figured out the other watched it before the new season came on a couple of months ago (he's an obsessive "Grey's Anatomy" fan, too).  A lot of it is not realistic at all, and that's a big complaint that I read a lot of people commenting about, but you know what?  I watch nighttime television shows for the entertainment factor.  If I want to learn something, I'll go look it up or take a class (or, since we're talking all things medical here, maybe, ya know, go to a DOCTOR, since they went through years and years of intensive schooling to be able to tell me what I need to know??)  I love the show.  I love the characters.  I love that it's taking a different take than other medical dramas I've seen.  It's lighter and more comedic, but it's not "Scrubs"-like (by the way, I do plan on eventually watching "Scrubs" because I've always heard good things about it, but I'm too wrapped up in the TV shows I currently watch - as you are probably starting to see, there are a lot of them - and real life).  And one of the main character's names is Jordan.  Can't go wrong there. :)  A lot of the doctors are war vets, so it makes for an interesting dynamic.

Gossip Girl
This is another one I didn't get into until late - very late.  Like, a few months ago when it ended in the last couple of years late.  I always thought it looked shallow and immature, but it's actually pretty entertaining.  Completely and utterly unrealistic but very fun to watch.  Following the lives and scandals that happen around Dan, Jenny, Serena, Nate, Blair, and Chuck is never dull, and Gossip Girl continually stirs the pot.

And I just have to share this, as I'm reading it right now.  There are a few shows on there that are coming this fall (most of them) that I'm looking forward to checking out -"Supergirl", Julie Plec's "Cordon" (no idea what it's about yet, but I love "The Originals" and "The Vampire Diaries" - see my last post), and "Chicago Med" - another spinoff of "Chicago Fire" (I like "Chicago Fire", and I absolutely adore "Chicago P.D." - Sophia Bush has been my spirit animal since she was on "One Tree Hill" - freakin' love her.).

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